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MagentaSport ‚Home of Eishockey‘

Ice hockey is experiencing a boom with audiance record in the PENNY DEL arenas, but also with exceptional coverage developments at MagentaSport. From the 2024/25 season, MagentaSport is expanding its ice hockey portfolio once again, bringing together all major ice hockey rights with German participation on one platform for the ‘Home of Ice Hockey’. This offers advertising customers excellent opportunities to place their brands in the surroundings of the fastest and most dynamic team sport.

‘Home of Ice Hockey’ in all its fascination and the opportunities for advertising customers at MagentaSport can be found here in the video:

MagentaSport reach increases every year

MagentaSport is writing an ongoing story of success with the PENNY DEL. In each of the past five years, viewer reach have risen by a fantastic 155% to almost 25 million in the 2023/24 season.

Incidentally, the audience is relatively young. 41% of those interested in ice hockey are younger than 30 and MagentaSport's ice hockey audience is well above the average of the German population as a whole in terms of both education and purchasing power.

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Story of success continues in the long term

The DEL started with MagentaSport in the 2016/17 season.

The partnership with the German Ice Hockey Federation began in 2018, initially in the men's sector with the national team and the U20 World Championship. This was followed by broadcasts of the U18s and finally the women's national team. All of these rights agreements have a long-term commitment until 2028.

From the 2024/25 season, the top matches of the Champions Hockey League and the highlights of the DEL2 matches will also be added for the next four years. This means that all relevant ice hockey rights are combined on one platform.

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"We continue to promise that every game of the PENNY DEL can be seen live. That is our basis. But we also have an intensive partnership with the German Ice Hockey Federation and show the games of the German national men's, junior and women's teams. It's particularly important to us to give young talent visibility with the U20 and U18 World Championships in the programme. But women's ice hockey is also an extremely interesting development topic in this partnership,’ explains Stefan Thelen, Head of MagentaSport at Deutsche Telekom.

Advertising clients can choose from a variety of attractive offers

Anyone who shares the values of dynamism, precision and perfection of the fastest team sport, associates their brand with it and wants to participate in the current wave of success in ice hockey can hardly ignore MagentaSport. 

René Spliethofe, Head of Sales MagentaTV at Sport.Media.Net, recommends the DEB national team sponsorship package to clients: ‘There will be four high-calibre tournaments on MagentaSport until spring 2025, including three world championships, plus other national team matches. Whether for men, juniors or women, whenever the German Eagles are flying, ice hockey is standing in public spotlight and sponsorship can give brands a very special glamour."

In order to offer the national teams the widest possible coverage and public appeal, MagentaSport shows a large number of these games as free programmes.

In addition, the PENNY DEL and now also the top games of the Champions Hockey League - power play for your brand!

power play for your brand


Rene Spliethofe

René Spliethofe

Sales Management | Senior Director


Katy Hebsaker

Sales Manager