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„Magical moments for your brand" at MagentaSport in the 2024/25 season

The 2023 calendar year was a record year for MagentaSport with more than 80 million live viewers. The 2024/25 season will also provide a highly attractive surrounding for ‘Magical moments for your brand’ with around 3,000 live broadcasts of seasonal competitions and top events. You can find out what MagentaSport will offer you from summer 2024 in extracts here and in full length in the video stream: ad sales presentation magenta sport

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Video stream with presenter Sascha Bandermann, Dr Jörg Richartz (Deutsche Telekom), Katy Hebsaker (Sport.Media.Net), René Spliethofe (Sport.Media.Net), Stefan Thelen (Deutsche Telekom), Christoph Ullmann (MagentaSport)

MagentaSport more successful than ever     

The 2023 calendar year was the most successful in the history of MagentaSport. Over 80 million viewers watched the live sports programme, including the sensational World Cup victory of the German basketball team. During the semi-final match between Germany and the USA alone, 2.6 million viewers used MagentaSport.


MagentSport - home for real fans

With its three pillars of football, ice hockey and basketball, MagentaSport focuses on team sports with their great emotions. Emotions that only fully unfold in the community - first on the pitch, then in the stands in stadiums and halls, and finally at home in front of the TV and digital devices.

home for real fans

MagentaSport brings together the real fans who stand loyally by the side of their traditional clubs in the 3rd league and enjoy pure football without video evidence. Fans who celebrate the fastest team sport in the world in the Penny DEL and make the Penny DEL Europe's top ice hockey league with new spectator records.

Magical moments for your brand

With around 3,000 live broadcasts per season, MagentaSport offers an excellent platform for your advertising messages in a mix of pay and free programmes.

your brand always live

We do not place commercial breaks in the pre- and post-broadcast coverage of our live matches, but only exclusive opportunities. This allows us to integrate customers perfectly into the programme flow. Our classic breaks are exclusively embedded in breaks between matches, such as half-time or third breaks, with a limit of 180 seconds. This means that over 85% of all our commercial integrations take place directly at or during the live game - an absolutely unique selling point.

MagentaSport - Home of ice hockey

The German Ice Hockey League (Penny DEL) and MagentaSport are writing a long-standing story of success. In the last five years, viewer numbers have risen by a fantastic 155% to almost 25 million. The audience is relatively young. 41% are under 30 and MagentaSport's ice hockey audience is well above the average of the German population as a whole in terms of both education and purchasing power.

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You can find all the details on ‘Magical moments for your brand’ in the 2024/25 season on MagentaSport at in video presentations with detailed information on the development of MagentaSport's reach and viewership, the sports and competitions, the new rights portfolio in ice hockey and, of course, your advertising opportunities.


Rene Spliethofe

René Spliethofe

Sales Management | Senior Director


Katy Hebsaker

Sales Manager